Health Management Services for People!

Talent Pool Technologies has been providing solutions to the healthcare industry for a quite long time. Our recent expansion into the Life Sciences industry allows us to additionally offer sophisticated scientific informatics solutions and services to the customers. Our company has a solid track record of successful implementations delivered on time and within budget, leveraging strong expertise in providing IT consulting services and adhering to best practices in software development life cycles (SDLC).

We bring a unique combination of attributes to our work, quickly grasping our client’s and their requirements. We blend that insight with our creativity, rigorous discipline, agility, and deep understanding of underlying technology and scalability to offer solutions to today’s most challenging technology opportunities. Our implementation approach is based on Agile concepts that seek to maximize the speed and success of an implementation. Each implementation has distinct phases that include a needs assessment, design and development, integration, migration, testing, training and, finally, user acceptance.

Applying service design and analytics in healthcare to solve multifaceted business problems, designing emerging products, transforming consumer experiences and impact the way that clinicians work. We possess domain expertise in the life sciences industry and in science and mathematics with a focus on scientific informatics, data sciences, and business analytics. We have already contributed to open source community which includes the names such as Ketcher, Indigo Toolkit, etc.